We are a venture builder running a multinational co-working space, organizing international VC conferences, Innovation Consulting, and taking on the challenges of tomorrow.

Our mission is to help create and support awesome companies, foster local talent and contribute to developing the European startup ecosystem.

Our projects

Campus is a multinational co-working space located in the middle of the largest university campus in Slovakia. The location and the emerging community of international entrepreneurs is what makes the space unique and significant for the local startup and innovation ecosystem.
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0100 Conferences is a leading conference provider for Private Equity & Venture Capital players in various regions with a global outreach. Each conference brings together 250+ senior level attendees such as general partners of private equity/ venture capital funds and limited partners such as family offices, high net worth individuals, business angels, pension funds, funds of funds, insurance companies, or corporations.
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0100 Innovation brings entrepreneurial mindsets and methodologies to larger companies across Europe. Combining best practices from both the professional and academic fields to provide catered solutions centered around rapid development, and Value Chain optimization.
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Jarvify is a technology company that builds automated communication solutions based on intelligent infrastructure. Its main focus is to build conversational products to be implemented across various industries utilising company’s execution power as well as create such products with other entrepreneurs and companies.
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Naytrolabs is an international software and innovation house geared towards creating new age solutions for NAY Group. While maintaining a strong focus within e-commerce, Naytrolabs will be building solutions across the entire supply chain, providing NAY with a stronger competitive edge within innovation.
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VESTBERRY is a company which helps to build trustworthy and technologically enabled relationships between investors (LPs & GPs) in the Private Equity industry. Fund management, automated reporting and big data analytics are the core features of this software as a service application.
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Meet our team

Our founders have worked with numerous companies and startups all across the world. Their background and close network is linked to recognized companies and prestigious universities, which they are eagerly utilizing and willing to share when helping other founders and companies.

Dusan Duffek

Previously, Dusan co-founded international incubator based in Slovakia. Before founding his first company, Dusan worked with a number of startups and also experienced working with traditional law company. Dusan is one of the idea-makers behind Slovak STARTUP, first Slovak startup magazine that creates and distributes content worldwide and he loves starting new companies locally and internationally. Dusan is graduate of the University of Cambridge and University of Essex, where he majored in entrepreneurship and international business. He is the first Slovak to obtain the rank of Cadet Lieutenant and to complete the basic Navy program at Delaware Military Academy.

Reponsible for 0100 Campus. Entrepreneur by heart. Networker. Marine.

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Martin Hauge

Before 0100 Ventures, Martin co-founded RubixLab, an international incubator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Before venturing down the entrepreneurial path he worked with an Outsourcing company based out of Malta and later Malaysia, building and developing international teams and client bases. Working primarily as a manager within Operations, his expertise lies within increasing efficiency and lowering costs. When working with startups his strengths lie within creative sales and marketing strategies and breaking down conventional norms.

Responsible for 0100 Innovation. Disruptor of norms. Orator. Bibliophile.

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Michal Pasko

Before establishing 0100 Ventures with former high school classmates, Michal studied management at Comenius University and simultaniously worked for Nedbalka Gallery executing various projects. From 2015 Michal is managing familly real estate project. Always having close relationship with tech and real estate building 0100 Campus created synergy between those while offering new ways to innovate working environment & experience.

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Marek Zamecnik

Before establishing 0100 Ventures with his co-founders in 2016, Marek co-founded an accelerator, RubixLab, with the mission to attract international teams to Slovakia in the middle of 2014. Previously Marek worked in Kuala Lumpur at a company builder and an investment company Nova Founders Capital where he was responsible for the development of Private Equity Insights (PEI) startup focusing on the Swiss market. Overall Marek lived and worked in 6 countries and attended universities such as University of Manchester, Copenhagen Business School, Oxford Brookes University or Université Paris-Dauphine.

Leading international expansion at 0100 Conferences. Traveler and VC enthusiast.

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